Switching from Windows 7 to Ubuntu Linux is very easy, so why is Canonical making it seem so hard?

I am a huge proponent of using Linux-based desktop operating systems, and I try to convert people from Windows whenever it makes sense. Why do I do this? Well, Linux distributions, believe it or not, are often easier to use than Microsoft’s operating system. With so many people living in the web browser these days, a Linux installation with Google Chrome is largely all an average user needs. More advanced users can install excellent free software such as LibreOffice or GIMP — if needed. Not to mention, it can be argued that Linux is more secure than Windows. Overall, switching to Linux is a huge win for many.

Even installing a Linux distro is easy these days. Long gone are the days where the installation required a degree in computer science (except for Arch, maybe). The current Ubuntu installer, for instance, is more straightforward than the one found on Windows 10! So why in the hell is Canonical, the maker of Ubuntu, making it seem so damn hard? You see, the company has put out an installation guide that will make a person curious about switching to Ubuntu to instead run for the hills.

Now, I hate to criticize the good folks developing and promoting Ubuntu. In particular, it pains me to put down someone for providing too much good information, but yet, here I am. If you check out the guide found here, you will likely expect a very straightforward tutorial on switching, Instead, we get pages and pages of terminology and explanations about different installation methods. It is simply too in-depth. Sadly, even though it is chock full of very good information, it will simply come across as overwhelming and scary.

This is often a big problem in the Linux community — they don’t follow “KYA.” What is KYA? It stands for “Know Your Audience.” In other words, rather than put together an inviting installation guide for someone still clutching to their unsupported Windows 7 installation, they made something that will instead make them give up and just buy a cheap Windows 10 computer. It seems like Canonical did no research on who the average Windows 7 user actually is.

Say what you want about Apple, but the Linux community would be wise to embrace the Mac-maker’s long history of using KISS — “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. Canonical needs to go back to the drawing board with this guide if the company is serious about converting Windows 7 users to Ubuntu.

By Jackson, M.

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