Microsoft Edge has a new ‘unwanted apps’ download-blocker — here’s how to enable it

Microsoft has introduced a new feature to its Edge browser that blocks “potentially unwanted apps” from being downloaded.At the moment, the security feature is available in the beta version of Microsoft Edge, but it will also be making its way to the stable version of Chromium-based Edge later this month. Strangely, Microsoft has chosen not to switch on the feature by default.

The setting is called “Block potentially unwanted apps”. Microsoft explains that it “blocks downloads of low-reputation apps that might cause unexpected behaviors” — essentially, this is a crapware blocker.Once enabled, the feature will protect against malware, crypto-mining tools, and other types of undesirable software.To enable the setting, click the menu to the upper right of Edge and select Settings. Click the Privacy and services section, and then toggle on the Block potentially unwanted apps option under Services.

Via Betanews

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